By exposing the lies of the liberal left on campus, High School Conservative Clubs of America helps shape the worldview of the next generation. Many issues are brash and “in your face” to liberals; but unlike most liberal writers, our opinions are based on fact and logic. To the delight of our members and (most of) their parents and friends; and despite the hatred of the liberal left, who gnash their teeth whenever they see it, every issue reaffirms America’s core values and helps teach the real legacy of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

In short, we honor our national heritage. For this, we are unapologetic.

HSCCA provides ammo for conservative students to combat leftist students, teachers and administrators. Each HSCCA chapter has the option of combining their local news with the national edition, submitting articles, or publishing their own club paper, using our tested procedures, templates and models.

Even liberal teachers have been known to quote from HSCCA, if only to argue. We believe that discussion, even in disagreement, is better than one-sided “liberal” propaganda or silence.